PMMA - polymethyl methacrylate (generally plexiglass). Marking PMMA, acrylic, plexiglass, plexi, etc. It is a synthetic polymer. It is transparent and has the properties of thermoplastics. So-called organic glass is made from it. It is used in many products for advertising, household and industry. In our assortment, we offer in stock boards with a thickness from 1 to 70 mm. The most widely used dimension of clear plexiglass thickness 3 mm is applicable in many industries, especially in the production of advertising and construction.

Plexiglas PMMA properties: 

  • Clarity and colourlessness even in thicker layers
  • Light transmission 92% (the best of all plastics)
  • Perfect transparency
  • Weather resistant
  • Curable at temperatures between 130 and 140°C
  • Excellent shape memory
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Health protection
  • Easy to processing and bonding
  • scratchability

Plexiglas production

PMMA XT - extruded Plexiglas.
Standard formats 3050x2050mm, thickness 1,5-25,0mm

PMMA GS - cast Plexiglas
Standard formats 3050x2030mm, 3030x2030mm, thicknesses 2,0-40,0mm

PMMA GS blocks cast
Standard formats ......., thicknesses 25-200mm

PMMA XT and GS - tubes, rods, prisms, profiles.

Trade names : Plexiglas, Altuglas, Perspex, Irpen, Setacryl, Quinn, Plazit, Acrylon, Polycasa etc.

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