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Our company with its long tradition will met your individual requirements for processing acrylic glass. We supply high quality, but cheap acrylic glass. Our range is extensive and we will meet your needs as much as possible to the use, look and properties of products made of acrylic glass and other plastics and thermoplastics. We can produce in a series from one to thousand piece serial production.

KOPLAST staff will be happy to assist you in placing an order based on your needs.Plastic Plexiglas prices vary, for example, according to type (clear, coloured, smoke, opal) and thickness. Furthermore, according to the method of production - extruded or cast Plexiglas. Therefore, it is not easy to give a comprehensive price or prices of Plexiglas per m. We prefer to make individual arrangements, where we can tailor-make prices for plexiglass products. If you are interested in a price list for Plexiglas, Plexiglas products or other-plastics items, Plexiglas cleaning, vacuum machines or light-advertising-production, please fill out the inquiry form below. According to your requirements we will create a quote for you. In addition to the price of plexiglass, we will be happy to send you a price list of other thermoplastic products. We will also provide you with prices of moulds, which are necessary for the production of mouldings.

We make plexiglass according to your requirements

We will cut the size of plexiglass you want, just enter the dimensions and we will take care of it. We are not limited by any standard dimensions, we will supply the plexiglass to the size you need. We can also cut various shapes from plexiglass. Thanks to the many technologies we use, you will get plexiglass products exactly to your liking. Customized Plexiglas edges are a matter of course. We can also cut the formats you require from the plexiglass sheet you bring.

If you need to manufacture or cut customized plexiglass, contact us, tell us your requirements and we will tell you if it is within our technological capabilities and provide a price list for cutting plexiglass.Plexiglas sheets, rods and tubes will be cut for you on the spot.
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Write your request to us and together we will look to see if we can help you. Don’t worry it won’t take you more than 60 seconds. We will contact you within 48 hours.

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  • Czech companyWe are engaged in the production,
    processing and sale of plastics.
    For more than 30 years.
  • Custom processingWe search for the best solutions
    for your needs.
    Thanks to which we
    save your time and money.
  • Experienced teamWe work on modern
    certified machines
    . Our team
    has about 45 specialists.
  • Reliable deliveryWe process small
    and large-scale commissions. We are your
    partner in plastics.

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