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Thinking about where to buy high quality acrylic glass? You are in the right place on our website. We offer a broad range of acrylic glass sheets that can be used in different ways. We will customise acrylic glass sheets for you. We will arrange the sale of acrylic glass sheets in the design and quantity you wish – from one to thousand piece serial production. If required we can bend the acrylic glass sheets so they meet your requirements or even prepare acrylic glass tubes for you.

Plexiglas extruded boards have many advantages over glass:

  • Ten times more toughness
  • Half the weight
  • High UV resistance
  • High UV resistanceEasy machinability
  • Safety (as opposed to being cut by shards of glass)
  • Favorable price
  • Large selection of stock items (colors, thicknesses, treads, ... )

The disadvantage compared to glass to watch out for is the possibility of easy scratching and limited chemical resistance.

Extruded Plexiglas sheets

Plexiglas boards are used in many areas

Plexiglas boards are used in many different sectors, such as construction, industry, lighting, advertising, modelling and others. We supply different types of clear, smoke or even coloured plexiglass in different thicknesses. Extruded and cast sheets with smooth, textured or sandblasted surface, anti-reflective or satin plexiglass sheets. If you are not sure which type of plexiglass board to choose for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be happy to advise you. Please use our enquiry form to make an enquiry. We are also able to produce and cut plexiglass panels in non-standard dimensions.

Plexiglas types by colour:

  • Clear Plexiglas
  • Coloured Plexiglas
  • Milk (opal) Plexiglas
  • Coloured Plexiglas
  • Coloured Plexiglas
  • Colured Plexiglas
  • Black Plexiglas (the only Plexiglas truly impervious to light)

Clear Plexiglas

Clear Plexiglas finds a wide range of applications in many fields. In addition to advertising, these include various packaging materials, boxes, tubes, stands, moulds, decorative items and other products... Also, for example, screens and partitions that are intended to visually divide a space but need to maintain 100% transparency. Clear Plexiglas is used wherever it is possible and desirable to replace glass - for example in washing machine doors. We offer the whole boards in standard sizes 1000x1000 mm - 3050x2050 mm with the possibility of custom CNC cutting of any size or shape.

Milk Plexiglas (opal)

Milk Plexiglas is partially translucent. It has a milky tint that transmits light but blurs objects behind the glass. It is therefore suitable, for example, as a balcony railing filler - unlike opaque fillers, milky Plexiglas lets in some of the sunlight while providing some privacy from prying eyes from outside. Many different variations of light transmission and thicknesses of starting blanks are available in stock. It is also suitable for filling paravans in office and public areas. Furthermore, milky Plexiglas is suitable for various products in the field of advertising, for production of stands and advertising panels, while maintaining long-term colour stability - Plexiglas panels do not yellow and have long-term UV resistance.

Colored Plexiglas

Colored Plexiglas panels are widely used in advertising - especially in illuminated advertising, both in indoor, as well as outdoor. The colours are permanent and, in the case of sandblasted surfaces, the coloured perspex panels are fingerprint resistant.

We offer acrylic (acrylic) PMMA panels ( Perspex, Altuglas, ISIK, Plazit, Plexiglas, Setacryl, Irpen, Madreperla, Polycasa, Quinn, and others) in thicknesses from 1 mm to 50 mm in a wide range of colours according to the colour chart. For colours and special designs, the default material thickness is usually 3mm, with PMMA GS (cast Plexiglas) boards being the most common.
colored plexi swatch

We also offer acrylic tubes and rods in various diameters and wall thicknesses. Most of the tubes are clear, but we also stock some tubes in opal or satin finishes, such as fluorescent rods.

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