Production from acrylic glass

As part of the production of our company, we are ready to produce any protective shield and protective partitions tailored to your requirements and wishes. These barriers are an effective protection against the spread of coronavirus, etc.
In May 2021, the company KOPLAST spol. s r.o. successfully defended the audit of standards ČSN EN ISO9001: 2015 and ČSN EN ISO14001: 2015.
Since January 2021, another 5-axis HOUFEK SPIDER CNC milling machine has been in operation. This further increases the production capacity of 5-axis milling.


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Production from acrylic glass


KOPLAST  - Your Partner for Plastic Products

KOPLAST is one of the leading processors of acrylic glass in the Czech Republic. KOPLAST processes the acrylic glass and other plastic plates since the beginning of our company.
We use proven technologies and our goal is top quality and customer satisfaction. We are able to produce in batches from 1 piece to thousands of products. Thanks to our customer service we save time and resources for your own development. 

Contact us: +420 770 100 399 or e-mail: .

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