Acrylic Glass and Plastics

The specialists at Koplast have held a leading position in the entire country in professional work with acrylic glass.

Are you asking where to buy acrylic glass and its products? Contact us! We are aware of the constant development in design and countless amount of varying products made of acrylic glass. We are creative specialists for the production of very complicated and intricately shaped products made of acrylic glass for interiors and exteriors. We work with customers from creating the first blueprints through 2D and 3D SW models right up to the final custom production and sale of acrylic glass. Therefore, we are sure that the customer with his own good experience, brings the best possible reference even for us.

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With us, you will save time and resources on custom development because we offer comprehensive services and service:

Plastics Manufacturing

We are engaged in vacuum forming (molding), machining of thermoplastics (PMMA, PC, PET-G, ABS, HiPS, PP, PE, bond, PA6, POM, PVC, ...) including laser cutting, 3-axis and 5-axis milling. We use the latest technology of vacuum forming and plastic moulding. We are also engaged in the production of moulds, which we design and manufacture ourselves according to the exact specifications of our clients. We focus on the production of plastic components for entrepreneurs and individuals.Our product range includes plastic mouldings for various industries - machine covers, lighting fixtures, plastic containers, cash boxes, decorative blocks, shelves, boxes, covers, shop fittings, illuminated signs, mineral bases and other plastic products.


.We process almost all types of sheet thermoplastics (PMMA, PET-G, PC, ABS, HPS, PE, PP, POM, PA6 and others) including saddle (composite) bond plates, plexiglass rods and tubes from which we manufacture products such as advertising banners, signs, shields, plastic covers, door panels for the automotive industry, semi-finished products for the production of lighting, solar panels, sun tunnels, other plastic semi-finished and finished products.We are engaged in complete finishing and assembly of more complex units such as light advertising, banners, totems, stands, POS and POP products, etc.

Contact us for customized plastic moulding. We will produce an original piece according to your requirement and specifications. We process most engineering plastics. Parts of smaller dimensions that cannot be created by vacuum forming technology we are able to create by 3D printing technology. 

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Why cooperate with us

  • Czech companyWe are engaged in the production,
    processing and sale of plastics.
    For more than 30 years.
  • Custom processingWe search for the best solutions
    for your needs.
    Thanks to which we
    save your time and money.
  • Experienced teamWe work on modern
    certified machines
    . Our team
    has about 45 specialists.
  • Reliable deliveryWe process small
    and large-scale commissions. We are your
    partner in plastics.

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