Cleaning and polishing plexiglass and plastics

We offer perfect cleaning, polishing and grinding plexiglass and plastics. We will polish the entire surface of the board and its edges. The surface of plexiglass products will not only be safe, without sharp edges and unwanted protrusions, but also nice to look at. Whether it is final products or semi-finished products (plexiglass), we will deliver them to the customer in the best possible quality. 

Polishing plexiglass - basic types

  • Restoration of damaged and old Plexiglas parts
  • Polishing plexiglass after cutting, during the production of a new product

Plexiglas restoration by polishing

We can restore and polish motorcycle shields, headlights, or make new copies of them. Plexiglas products have the advantage over glass objects that broken surfaces are easier to repair and polish. They are also cheaper to replace. So if they are so damaged that they cannot be polished, are cracked or completely broken, just give us the exact parameters or bring us the damaged item. We will make a faithful copy based on it. 

Plexiglas polishing technologies

The most common technology used for polishing Plexiglas is diamond polishers. Thanks to them we achieve a high gloss of the whole product. However, in addition to glossy surfaces, we can also produce a matt surface. This is suitable for various decorative or advertising items, for example, or where we want to reduce the transparency of Plexiglas.By combining matt and gloss on one product, interesting designs can be created. 

Other technologies suitable for the surface treatment of Plexiglas are flame polishing or hand polishing using special pastes. Hand polishing is mainly used in cases of individual scratches, unwanted tarnishing and minor damage. 

Plexiglas Polishing Price List

So if you only need to clean and polish your Plexiglas items, or if the finish will be part of an overall Plexiglas Delivery including cutting and other forming, we will give you the price according to the specific parameters of the order.It depends on the number of pieces, their size and shape complexity. 

Sample of our work

Illustration of a glued joint with rough machining on the top of the part. On the front and side of the part you can already see a perfectly glued joint of 8 3 mm thick boards.After polishing, the joint shows no air bubbles and is visually clean throughout.
Plexiglas - glued joint for machining

Final finish of clear Plexiglas after polishing:

Machined Plexiglas Koplast

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