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We are engaged in the production of illuminated advertising that is illuminated advertising panels of outdoor and advertising spaces for indoor use. The visibility of a business is becoming almost a necessity in today’s competitive environment. When producing advertising banners we use only long-lasting materials resistant to rain, snow, wind and sunlight, particularly acrylic glass, polycarbonate, bonded sheets, PVC and other plastics, aluminium, stainless steel. 

Forms of advertising banners

  • Advertising information panels
  • Advertising signs
  • 3D letters and logos
  • totems
  • Advertising panels with images or photos
  • Company name, logo
  • Company motto
  • Price tags
  • Lighted advertising boards
  • Orientation signs in shopping centres
  • Lighted displays
  • and more

Production of illuminated advertising

The purpose of illuminated advertising is to be seen especially at night. But it is important to remember that many more people walk the streets during the day - so it is necessary to catch their attention even in daylight. The use of contrasting colours, dark fonts on a light facade (and vice versa), large enough signs, clear shapes help to do this.We produce advertising surfaces that are unmissable at any time of the day or night, which is ensured by the use of high-quality LED light sources. 
Perhaps every business owner wishes to make his brand ingrained in the minds of people in the widest possible surroundings. So how to make your company name visible from a distance? Light advertising panels will definitely help you to do so. They are visible during the day thanks to the colour design of the structure, which contrasts with the surroundings, and at night they shine in the dark thanks to the illumination. 

Division of advertisements according to types of light

  • Backlit advertisements
  • Lighted advertisements
  • Lighted advertisements

Each of these lighting technologies has its own specifics and suitability for use for different purposes, locations and in conjunction with different materials.

Advertising Panel Placement Options

  • On the wall of a building
  • On the roof 
  • Mounted on the wall side - protruding into the street
  • Hung in the space 

Made-to-measure production of illuminated advertisements

Panels are made to order according to customer requirements. Size, shapes and color solutions according to the design proposal. Tell us the specific purpose for which the ad is to be served and where it will be placed. If you are not sure how the light advertising will stand out on the building, send us a photo of the object and your logo or company name. We will prepare a graphic design and a technical solution for you free of charge. We will recommend the appropriate type of material and the best technical solution.

Different types of outdoor advertising

Panels are made of material resistant to UV radiation and weather effects - e.g. >plexiglass or other plastics. Exterior light panels can be one-sided fascias, double-sided protrusions, 3D illuminated logos.   

Outdoor light advertising can have several shapes: Either it is a simple rectangular (square) panels, or atypical panels that copy, for example, the shape of the main object of your sale, or are letters and inscriptions. We are able to produce almost any shape.   

When placing an advertisement directly against the wall, two methods of lighting can be used, namely direct illumination of the panel itself, or backlighting - especially in the case of an advertisement consisting of an inscription. In this case, the panel or the individual letters are not glued to the wall, but projected, and the wall behind the sign is illuminated (aura effect). 

Light advertisements of larger dimensions or protrusions have a metal support structure resistant to corrosion.  ;

Advantages of using LED light sources

  • Low electricity consumption 
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resistance to weather effects
  • Affordable form of advertising
  • Long life
  • Great visibility at any time of the day or night

Operation of illuminated advertising

The lighting of the advertising panels can be controlled manually, using a timer, or using an automatic twilight sensor, thanks to which the advertisement lights up at an appropriate moment even without the presence of employees and turns itself off as soon as there is no more lighting after dawn need. We produce illuminated advertising precisely tailored to the customer's needs, taking into account the space where it is to be placed. We also provide installation and possible service of illuminated advertising panels.

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