Production and products made of acrylic glass

During the production of products made of acrylic, we use proven technologies and our objective above all is to achieve first-rate quality of the processing of products and customer satisfaction. Given that this is custom production, we are able to manufacture in series from 1 up to thousand piece serial production. Before launching production, it goes without saying that a reference sample is produced (if the nature of the product technologically allows this) and the product is subsequently approved by the customer.

Production program

From the production program we can name thermoplastic plate products. for shopfitting, promotional products for sales promotion, shelving system accessories, full polycarbonate for balconies, PMMA cash register covers, various machine and machinery covers, customized plexi display cases, model display cases and various other protective plexi. For the exhibition industry we produce acrylic brochure stands of all possible sizes and types according to customer requirements, plastic stands and rotating stands made of plexiglass, as well as acrylic mouldings for lighted advertising panels, 3D and box fonts, illuminated 3D logos, advertising signs, etc. In addition, various types of Plexiglas covers according to customer requirements as well as special products on request. We vacuum press technical and promotional mouldings (including printing) from PMMA, ABS, ABS/PMMA, HiPS, PC, PET-G, PVC, PP, PE with follow-up processing with a 3-axis or 5-axis milling machine.

We also produce customized plexiglass display cases whether they are display cases for models or for various other items. Suitable for private individuals, museums, exhibition displays etc. All other clear plastics can be used - plexiglass, polycarbonate or PET-G according to the client's requirements and needs.Can be produced including mounting in aluminium frames without glued joints.

Since we are leading plexiglass processors and have in stock the most commonly used types of plexiglass (clear, smoke, opal, coloured, textured, ...
Often, our customers require advertising printing or coating of products. For this purpose, we use screen printing, digital printing or foil coating with cut graphics.

Types of Plexiglas

We use most often extruded Plexiglas (PMMA XT). In case of customer's request, it is possible to use cast Plexiglas (PMMA GS). It is also possible to choose from a variety of colours, transparent or translucent material, textured Plexiglas, anti-reflective or satin Plexiglas, acrylic blocks, acrylic rods and tubes (both extruded and cast). According to the customer's wishes, we are able to provide plexiglas of various brands from leading European manufacturers. We have warehouse space for plate thermoplastics with a capacity of about 180 pallet places 3 x 2m. We keep standard PMMA plate types and thicknesses (clear 1mm - 70mm, opal 2.0 - 50mm) in stock. The properties of this material surpass all common thermoplastics, it resists very well any weather conditions.We also have various special types of acrylics in stock.

If you are looking for plexiglass processor to make your desired product, please contact us. We will be happy to accommodate you, and if it is within our technological capabilities, we will manufacture the product(s) and establish business cooperation with you.

Plexiglas for desk

Are you looking for a plexiglass for desk or coffee table? We offer plexiglass sheets in various widths (from 2 to 12 mm), which we cut to the desired size to suit your furniture. Of course, we can also handle circular or atypical Plexiglas table tops. Edges are properly sanded and polished, so they will be nice and safe.

Compared to glass, plexiglass has the advantage that if it slides off the table onto the floor, it won't break. It is also cheaper. In addition to its decorative function, it also has a protective function- it will protect wooden furniture from scratches or dirt during art activities.

Desks and conference tables

Under the Plexiglas on the desk, various photos, pictures, study aids, to-do lists, etc. can be stored. Decorative crocheted, knitted or embroidered tablecloths, on the other hand, look good underneath the board on a coffee table, as they are thus protected from dirt, while at the same time not getting in the way when dining or working.

Transparent tablecloths are also widely used on teachers' desks, where teachers can place various notes - lists of important tasks, photos, etc.

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