When processing and cutting plexiglass products, our company KOPLAST uses proven and state-of-the-art technologies. This is, for example, milling and above all laser cutting of plastics and Plexiglas.

What we cut and mill plexiglass

Milling and engraving of plate materials using MultiCam CNC Router 3000 machines. First machine with 3060 x 2060 mm work table area , second machine with 4267 x 2032 mm work table area allows machining and cutting of plexiglass and other materials up to approx. 120 mm thickness, i.e. even thicker plates that cannot be cut by laser. On the 4267 x 2032 mm machine, in addition to the milling tools, we also use a drawing knife for cutting thin films or soft materials.

5 axis CNC milling of parts and mouldings from plastics using Houfek Spider machines with working area of the first machine 3000 x 1500 x 800mm and the second machine 3000 x 2415 x 800mmIn addition, it is possible to use the MultiCam CNC Router 8000 with r working area dimensions of approx. 4000 x 2000 x 900 mm.

Are you wondering how best to cut Plexiglas? The most efficient, fastest and accurate way to cut this material is laser cutting plexiglass. The cuts are clean, glossy and smooth, no further machining and polishing is required. Laser cutting of Plexiglas (customized) and other materials is computer-driven, which makes it possible to cut very precise shapes such as letters, logos and other details. There is minimal cutting and no chips and shavings as with other plastic cutting methods.laser can be used to process piece products as well as mass production.

Laser cutting of plastic materials and raster engraving using the MultiCam laser 2000 with a power of 400 W enables the processing of Plexiglas plates up to 3060 x 2060 mm. The maximum possible thickness of the cut plate is 30 mm.

Cutting of plastic and plexiglass to size

We cut sheets and shapes from plexiglass exactly according to the specified dimensions. This delivery method customized plexiglass products is the cheapest - you do not pay for excess material, but pay only for the material you receive. So you don't have to buy whole large plexiglass panels. We have a sufficient quantity of different types of Plexiglas in stock, in different colours and thicknesses. However, if you need to cut Plexiglas sheets that you have purchased elsewhere, this is not a problem. Thanks to our experience, we can even advise you on how to cut plexiglass.

Other technologies we use in the processing of Plexiglas and other materials:

  • engraving PMMA, wood, glass, paper and other materials
  • gluing materials
  • diamond polishing of plexiglass and polycarbonate
  • diamond edge matting of materials
  • sandblasting of materials and products
  • bending of sheet plastics on string and wide band bending machines
  • thermal forming of sheet plastics
  • vacuum forming of plastics on machines made by.KOPLAST (it is possible to form also into screen printing)
  • milling and turning of plastics
  • welding of PE, PP, PVC
  • assembly of plastic parts into technological units
  • realization of various exposures of acrylics including assembly
  • other technologies processing of sheet plastics

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