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Plastic is quite a cheap and a highly durable material which can through moulding and further forming be made into extensive range of objects for various purposes. If you need various formed products we can offer to produce plastic mouldings for you. These are moulded from plastic sheets. We know how to make plastic parts for various sectors of industry.

Vacuum forming (moulding) of plastics

Of our company's products made by vacuum forming of plastics we can mention blister packaging, machine enclosures and cladding, mouldings of various plastic enclosures, plastic boxes, mouldings for light advertising, lampshades for lighting technology, mouldings for advertising purposes, moulded parts for automotive, shields for motorcycles and other mouldings according to customer's wishes and requirements. 
If you are not sure if plastic moulding is the right technology for your plastic parts, contact us for advice or a no-obligation quotation. 

Advantages of Vacuum Forming of Plastics

  • A wide range of shapes
  • The possibility of rapid mass production of plastic mouldings
  • A favourable price thanks to the technology used
  • Low costs and speed of mould production compared to injection moulding
  • Individual approach
  • Possibility of large-scale or piece production

Plastic moulding process

In VL vacuum machines we are able to process materials such as ABS, HPS, PP, PE, PVC, PET, PMMA, PC and others. The maximum size of the molded plastic in our machines is 2000x1500mm . The thickness of the blanks is usually between 0.3mm to 20mm. The surface finish of plastics and plastic mouldings can be matt or glossy. 

It is enough if you send us a 3D model or physical product, tell us exact parameters of the product, or the purpose for which the item will be used, and based on that we can recommend a suitable material, solution and mould material. Moulds are made by us from MDF, aluminium, duralumin, artificial wood or special epoxy resins filled with aluminium. In the case of re-production of mouldings without available moulds and 3D computer models, we will perform 3D scanning with a scanner and subsequent creation of computer data ( reverse engeneering ). We also take care of finishing of plastic mouldings.

Price list of plastic moldings

The price of plastic moldings depends on several criteria, it is mainly about the size of the product, its detailing and, last but not least, the number of processed pieces - the more products you need, the lower the price per piece. We therefore always set the price of plastic moldings for you individually based on all the listed requirements for specific products.


Do you need to make a specific object from plastic that you cannot normally find on the market? Did you destroy or lose a plastic part and want to have a copy made? We will produce plastic moldings according to your requirements from plexiglas and other types of plastics, from one piece to series of thousands. You can find their application in various branches of industry (automotive, healthcare, food, packaging...). See section Vacuum forming of plastics.

Technologies used in the production of plastic moldings

Types of plastic moldings

We produce, for example, end covers for various fields, plastic caps, acrylic stands, lampshades, lamps, acrylic boxes, covers, holders, tables or shelves, decorative advertising blocks. Thanks to automated production using modern technologies thousands of product series can be created in a short time. However, we also accept orders for one original piece, when you need to create a customized plastic molding. The maximum dimensions of the product pressed by us can be up to approx. 1900x1400mm.

Advantages of plastic molding

  • Quick processing
  • Favourable price
  • Long-term service life
  • Production of final products and semi-finished products

Advertising plastic moldings

Plastic moldings can be provided with the company logo or other necessary data, either by directly pressing these data, or laser description, or printing (screen printing or digital printing). It goes without saying that the final adjustment of the product is as required by its character. This means that the edges can be ground and polished

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