Besides acrylic glass, acrylic glass products and solid polycarbonate sheets we also sell cellular polycarbonate. It is suitable for pergola roofing, bus shelters, carports, for construction of greenhouses. It is clearly translucent and weather resistant. Cellular polycarbonate is good for cold bending, also suitable for arched roofing, which even increases the load-capacity from the weight of snow. The minimum roof pitch must be at least 5° due to rainwater run off.

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Polycarbonate tube

We offer Lexan, Arla  and Makrolon cellular (tube) polycarbonate. Supplied in various thickness – 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm and thicker in sheets of 6000 x 2100 mm or 7000 x 2100mm.

Benefits of polycarbonate honeycomb:

  • Breakability
  • Low weight
  • Light transmission
  • Lighttransmission
  • Bullet or single-sided UV filter
  • Long life
  • Fire resistant
  • Cold bending capability
  • Easy installation of (polycarbonate) macrolon
Cellular polycarbonate

Easy installation of cellular polycarbonate and panels

Installation of cellular polycarbonate is simple. The polycarbonate cavity panels can be mounted on a structure made of wood, aluminium or steel, to which the polycarbonate is attached with screws. When mounting the polycarbonate chamber plates, a protective film is left on to prevent damage and scratching of the polycarbonate during handling.cavity panels are always installed with the chambers in the direction of the water outlet.

It is important not to forget to insulate the cavity openings; an aluminium sealing foil should be used on the top to prevent rainwater from flowing into the chambers. The bottom edge is covered with an aluminium profile to prevent dust or insects from entering the chambers, but also to ensure that condensation that forms in the chambers during temperature changes can escape - this cannot be prevented;

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