As part of the range of other plastics we arrange the sale of solid polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate is a specific material, which was developed in the 1950s and since that time it is being constantly improved. It is highly resistant to the effects of weather, changing temperatures and UV radiation. The transparent polycarbonate is suitable as a replacement for traditional glass everywhere where its use would be dangerous or otherwise unsuitable.

Thanks to their properties polycarbonate sheets are a suitable choice for:

  • pergola roofing,
  • greenhouse construction,
  • protective shields in industrial production,
  • railings,
  • swimming pool roofing (swimming pool plastic sheets).

We not only arrange the sale, but also a consulting service when making a decision about a purchase.

Most frequent enquiries about the thickness of polycarbonate Makrolon sheets are 4 mm, 6 mm 8 mm and 10 mm. However, our company offers sheets in more options of thickness from 0.5 mm to 15 mm.

Properties of polycarbonate

  • Thermal insulation capabilities
  • Resilience in stressed environments (rain, UV, chemicals.)
  • High flexibility
  • Strength 
  • Resistance to very high and low temperatures
  • Low weight
  • Impact resistance
  • Long service life
  • Good light transmission
  • Easy machining, cut to size
  • Nice appearance
  • Minimal maintenance
Extruded Plexiglas Boards

Use of polycarbonate (macrolon) sheets - Exolon, Lexan, Polycasa, Makrolife, Impex

  • In industry as transparent shields and machine guards (full polycarbonate)
  • Railings (full polycarbonate)
  • Garage shelter, loggia (cellular polycarbonate)
  • Polycarbonate pergola roofing (macrolon)
  • Greenhouse production (cellular polycarbonate)
  • Pool roofing (cellular or full polycarbonate)
  • Other specific uses of polycarbonate as a roofing material
  • Hobby purposes
  • Lighting strips
  • Barrier walls
  • Coverage of waiting rooms and platforms

Hardened polycarbonate (macrolon)

Hardened polycarbonate or hardened polycarbonatemacrolon, macrolon, macrolome or macrolon.In case of requirements for more durable or safety full clear macrolon we supply and produce plates made of single-sided or mostly double-sided hardened polycarbonates (Makrolon AR, Arla Saphir) in different thicknesses 2-15mm, which we have in stock as standard. These materials are mainly used for machine covers, machine windscreens, especially for forestry, or glass for racing cars. These boards also have a higher chemical resistance and antivandal effect. Each order requires an individual approach and processing of polycarbonate directly to the customer.

Price list for polycarbonate (macrolon) boards

The price of polycarbonate and macrolon boards (Lexan, Polycasa, Makrolife,...) depends mainly on the thickness and dimensions of the materials, but also on the type. Full differs from chamber polycarbonate with respect to different properties and uses. If you are interested in specific sizes of polycarbonate sheets, we will prepare a customized quotation for a specific type of polycarbonate and its price per m2 or per specific size required. Please also feel free to contact us if you would like advice. Whether you are wondering which polycarbonate to choose for your pergola, which polycarbonate sheets are suitable for your greenhouse, which polycarbonate is best for soundproofing or which is suitable for making railings, for example.

We supply full polycarbonate with UV,  brands such as ExolonMacrolon, Arla or Lexan.

Polycarbonate (macrolon) plates not only around Brno

Visit us in our company in Jedovnice near Brno. We focus not only on the sale of polycarbonate, but we can also advise you on which type and size is most suitable for your purposes. We can also cut polycarbonate to the required dimensions, prepare polycarbonate sheets to measure, or bend or otherwise process them. You will thus obtain a semi-finished product from which you can easily create the planned work. We have polycarbonate plates in stock at all times, so you can count on delivery within a few days.

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