PC - polycarbonate is one of thermoplastics, which is easily processed by injection or hot pressing. This material is highly durable, flexible and unbreakable. For example, full flat plate polycarbonate with a double-sided UV layer of thickness 0.75 mm - 20mm is suitable for exterior and interior. Polycarbonate is mainly used in industry. It is most often used to make transparent parts, displays, machine windows or protective covers.

Polycarbonate properties

  • Impact resistance
  • Light transmission 91%
  • Good optical properties
  • Thermal resistance

Polycarbonate production and delivery

PC - Full polycarbonate
Standard formats 3050x2050mm, 2050x1250mm, thicknesses 0.75 - 20mm
Trade name : Lexan, Exolon, Makrolon, Makroclear etc.

PC - chamber polycarbonate
Standard formats 6000x2100mm, 7000x2100mm thicknesses 4.0 - 25mm

Trade name : Lexan Thermoclear, Makrolon, Arla Makroclear. Multiclear, Daulux, Vindulex etc.

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