What is polymethyl methacrylate?

(PMMA) Polymethyl methacrylate is commonly known as acrylic glass. It is a transparent synthetic polymer, which has thermoplastic properties. It is used to make so-called organic glass and other products for home and technical needs.

What is PMMA

Due to their properties, acrylics are called organic or acrylic glasses. Today, the term plex glass has come to mean acrylics, most commonly polymethyl methacrylate. Its abbreviation is PMMA. This material is used to make colored and clear Plexiglas. Polymethyl methacrylate is a brittle material that becomes a stronger (tougher) material by mixing or graft polymerization with polybutadiene or other elastomers. However, this results in a loss of optical properties and PMMA becomes milky cloudy.

How Plexiglas is made

Plexiglas - clear material is made by block polymerization of methyl methacrylate (cast Plexiglas) or extrusion of methyl methacrylate (extruded Plexiglas).

Block Polymerization

Block polymerization is used to produce blocks and plates or other shapes of semi-finished products. Using a rotational mould, tubes are produced. Block polymerization causes high polymerization degree values to be achieved, thus improving the mechanical properties of the plates, especially their surface quality.


Plexiglas sheets that are made by extrusion have a better thickness tolerance compared to cast Plexiglas sheets and are cheaper.

Advantages of PMMA (plexiglass)

The advantages of polymethyl methacrylate are as follows:
  • high hardness, stiffness and strength
  • high surface quality - high gloss
  • excellent optical properties
  • high heat resistance
  • resistance to weak acids and alkalis, non-polar solvents, fats, oils and water
  • high resistance to weathering
  • works well and is machined well

Disadvantages of PMMA (plexiglass)

Disadvantages include:
  • susceptibility to impact cracking
  • flammability

PMMA sheets   (plexiglass plates)

We produce a wide range of plexiglass plates for various uses. We also produce plates from Plexisklo na míru.

We can make for the customer:
  • any quantity of plexiglass plates - from one piece to thousands of series of products,
  • bend plexiglass sheets as needed,
  • make plexiglass tubes from plexiglass.

Advantages of extruded plexiglass sheets

  • Ten times more toughness.
  • Half the weight.
  • High resistance to UV radiation.
  • Easy to process.< /li>
  • Safety (as opposed to cutting a shard of glass).
  • Affordable price.
  • The downside to be aware of is the possibility of easy scratching..

Where can plexiglass be used

The use of PMMA is very wide. It is used where its advantages are best used. Thus optical properties - a requirement for high transparency.

Plexiglas is used to produce:
  • transparent covers
  • covers for lamps and displays
  • in automotive industry - covers for lights, shields, tachometers
  • raw material for the production of lenses for devices and glasses
  • consumer industry - vases, bowls, costume jewelry, advertising items, advertising stands
  • illuminated advertising - outdoor and indoor
  • exhibition
  • acrylic sanitary ware
  • modern bathtubs, sinks, showers, etc.

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