How to bond acrylic glass?

Given that acrylic glass is polar and easily soluble plastic, its products and semi-finished products can be bonded.

Adhesives are used to glue plexiglass panels:

  • solvent
  • reactive
  • melt
  • second

For bonding Plexiglas (board), solvent adhesive with a small amount of dissolved PMMA in the amount of 10 - 15% is the most suitable. These solvent adhesives are also called adhesive varnishes. Their great advantage is that they leave no residue after bonding.The layer of this adhesive is highly transparent and the bonding point is virtually invisible.

Acetone and chloroform based adhesives are also of high quality.

When bonding Plexiglas, it should be remembered that these are highly flammable liquids and safety precautions must be observed. PMMA (plexiglass) can also be bonded with other plastics.

It is possible to glue PMMA

  • crystalline polystyrene
  • resilient polystyrene
  • polycarbonate
  • cellulose derivatives
  • ABS terpolymers
  • SAN copolymers

Solvents, adhesive varnishes, reactive or hot melt adhesives are used to bond different plastics together. Nowadays, there are already enough suitable adhesives on the market.

Before gluing Plexiglas, it is necessary to clean it

To make glued joints strong, it is important to rid the glued surfaces of dust and other dirt.Water containing detergent or alcohols can be used for cleaning.

The bonding of PMMA (Plexiglas) uses a monomer, methyl methacrylate, which forms a strong bonded joint by subsequent polymerization activated by chemical initiators or irradiation with ultraviolet light.

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